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Back Pain at Your Sports Injury Chiropractor in Gilbert

Baseball player sports injury

It is no surprise that people who are active in sports can sustain injuries quite frequently. While most injuries tend to be relatively minor, they can still cause quite a bit of pain and discomfort. Physical therapy, surgeries and repeated use of painkillers have long been the go-to remedy for these types of injuries but, at Islands Chiropractic, we take a different approach. We have the knowledge, expertise, and skills to quickly relieve your sports-related pain, but in a more natural, non-invasive and drug-free way. We believe that the body, with proper guidance, has the intuitive ability to heal itself. We can offer that guidance and help you learn effective pain-maintenance techniques that can be incorporated into your everyday lifestyle. We are committed to treating pain in a holistic and healthy way that works to prevent further injuries.

Common Sports Related Back Injuries

Although any sport has the potential to cause injury, golf and tennis are two of the sports that we see people suffering injuries from most frequently in our offices. Back pain is very commonplace in athletes who regularly play these sports.

Sports-related back injuries can be exacerbated by certain conditions such as age, physical fitness level or a prior injury, but whether or not any of these circumstances apply to you, it is important to address the injury as soon as possible. Left untreated, back pain can become chronic and, in some cases, begin to affect the health and the strength of other large muscle groups in the body.

Causes of Injury

Although some of the injuries that are sustained come from unforeseeable accidents, such as a fall or a blow to the body, many of the sports-related injuries are the result of repetitive use or overstraining of a certain muscle. The rotational swing that is used by golfers is a common cause of overextension of the back and the same is true for tennis as well. 

Muscle dysfunction and posture abnormalities may be the root cause of back pain, so improper form can potentially have some physically disastrous effects. This is especially true with tennis players, as they use a number of back-straining moves (extension, twisting, and flexing) each time they serve. Consequently, it is essential to always use the proper form during play. 

That being said, even though using proper techniques and engaging in strength training may help to prevent potential trauma to the back, ongoing chiropractic treatments can help to bring about healing much more rapidly when an injury does occur.

Potential Chiropractic Treatments

At Islands Chiropractic, we specialize in back, neck and knee pain as well as disc injuries and posture-related complications that can lead to aches and pains. Although we personalize our approach to care in a way that is specific to each patient’s particular needs, we see certain injuries so often that we can quickly get to the bottom of your issue and relieve your pain. Some of the treatments that we routinely use for sports-related injuries include:

Massage Therapy - releases lactic acid in the muscles and increases blood flow, which can quickly relieve pain. We offer both regular and deep tissue massage, which is more intense, and targets the deeper muscle tissues and ligaments.

Electric Stimulation - reduces muscle cramps in the targeted muscles and promotes faster healing.

Chiropractic Adjustment - manual manipulation of the spine that brings the connecting joints back into the spine. This can offer almost immediate relief from pain.

Exercise Therapy - customized exercises that are done by you in the office and at home. The goal is to stretch and strengthen the muscles in a way that will increase your overall mobility and provide pain relief.

Contact Islands Chiropractic for Sports Injuries

Find out how chiropractic care can be one of the most effective forms of treatment for sports-related pain and injuries. We are pleased to offer a new client special of $39 for an initial exam! Call us today at (480) 545-4580 to schedule your appointment.