Chiropractic Adjustments

chiropractic adjustmentThere are well over 300 joints in the human body, and some people put that number as high as 360. The discrepancy comes down to how you define a joint. Controversy aside it only takes one joint that is misaligned for you to feel miserable. That is where Chiropractic care comes into the picture. Chiropractors adjust joints and put them back into alignment so that the miserable feeling you experience goes away. Oddly, for us--you and me--a joint in our spine can cause pain in our foot. For chiropractors, the reason is clear. Here is a look at how adjustment helps relieve even the worst pain.

Adjustments your Chiropractor in Gilbert May Use

Pain is not the only symptom that people experience when a bone or a joint is misaligned. There is a long list of health conditions that occur when your skeletal system is not aligned properly. Your Chiropractor in Gilbert                Dr. Carlow can do manual adjustments, or they can use a device that gently taps the bones back into place. Another technique includes flexion-distraction, which works specifically with the bones of your skull. Trigger Point care deals with muscles rather than bones as muscles are so powerful that they can pull bones out of alignment. The bones often return to their normal position by releasing the tension in the muscles.

Adjustments and What You Should Expect

  • Manual Adjustment: This is a physical, hands-on technique the pops the bones back into place. It usually sounds worse than it feels, but sometimes a patient may feel pain. This technique is often used to adjust the spine, and especially the joints in the cervical region of the spine.
  • Tool Adjustments: Your Gilbert Chiropractor uses a tool that gently moves the bones back into place. Patients feel a light tapping on the joint, and they hear a snapping noise that is very similar to a ball point pen retracting its nib. They should be no pain involved with this technique, and the process can be repeated as often as needed. Flexion-Distraction is a manual adjustment that is often used on babies when the bones of their skull shift during the birthing process. It can be used on adjusts following trauma too.
  • Trigger Point Adjustments: While not dealing directly with the bone, trigger point adjustments deal with the muscles that cause the bones to come out of alignment. This is a helpful technique for back work, and can even be used to treat TMJ. Muscle work is important because “muscle memory” takes time to overcome. Your body has become trained to certain positions and that includes the joints, bones, and muscles. Trigger point therapy, massage, and specialized exercises can help you overcome misalignment due to muscle memory.

Every patient is unique, so we start with a thorough exam that helps us develop a plan of care that is unique to you. Our goal is always that you be pain-free.

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