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At Islands Chiropractic & Massage, our health experts provide relief for a variety of conditions. Whether you are struggling with chronic pain from a condition such as fibromyalgia, have been injured in a sports incident or are dealing with the aftermath of years of poor posture, we have treatment options. Our chiropractor, Dr. Carlow and our massage therapist, Deidre Baker, invite residents of Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler and the nearby neighborhoods to visit Islands Chiropractic & Massage to learn about our treatment options. Chiropractic care and massage therapy enhance the body’s ability to restore its health. Our team positions your body in the best alignment so you recover quickly, have less pain and are able to enjoy an active lifestyle. Our care options are natural, holistic and effective.

Conditions Treated in Gilbert, AZ

Many being seek chiropractic care after an injury or to deal with chronic back pain. While these are two of the primary reasons we care for Gilbert residents, our health team also supports and heals other conditions. When you begin chiropractic care, you experience the freedom of pain-free living and the benefits of improved health that result from your body operating at its highest capacity. We care for a variety of conditions including:

  • Headaches and Migraines – If you are struggling with persistent headaches or the combination of symptoms that accompanies migraines, our chiropractor and massage therapist have relief options. Gentle chiropractic adjustments position your neck and back into a pain-free place so nerve signals and blood flow exist without pain.
  • Neck Pain – Pain in your neck may begin slowly from poor posture or an improper work station set up. You may also experience neck pain in the form of whiplash from an auto accident. Adjustments position your neck correctly and massage therapy reduces muscle tension.
  • Back Pain – If you are dealing with back pain from overuse, a genetic condition such as scoliosis or an accident, we have effective treatment options.
  • Knee Pain – Our team also alleviates pain in joints such as your knee, shoulder, wrists, elbows, ankles and hips.
  • Sciatica – Pain in your lower back that extends into a hip or leg, may be a signal of the sciatic nerve being compromised.
  • Disc Injuries – The cushiony substance between the vertebrae may leak out of its protective space and interfere with mobility. Chiropractic adjustments encourage the disc to return to the area between the vertebrae.
  • Scoliosis – An abnormal “S” curve of the spine, which our health team can work at correcting. We welcome patients of all ages into our care.
  • Ear Infections – If your child is suffering from chronic ear infections, chiropractic care offers relief.
  • Dizziness – Lightheadedness or dizziness that does not have a specific cause is alleviated through natural health care.
  • TMJ Dysfunction – Jaw pain, clicking or limited mobility is alleviated through gentle chiropractic adjustments.
  • Poor Posture – Our health team shows you the life-improving benefits of a strong posture. We educate you on lifestyle changes to support healthier living.
  • Injuries – If are you injured through work, sports or a car accident, speak to us soon.

Our health team provides gentle and effective treatment options for you and your family. Call us today at (480) 545-4580 to schedule your evaluation.

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