Pediatric Chiropractic Care


Even if you and the other adults in your life have experienced chiropractic treatment numerous times, it may never have occurred to you that children can also derive tremendous benefits from this form of care. While it’s certainly true that chiropractic treatment can address many age-related issues, it can also play a crucial role in facilitating the normal growth and development of a child’s musculoskeletal and nerve function.

Our Gilbert chiropractor at Islands Chiropractic & Massage, Dr. Carlow, is more than happy to provide your young family members with this same safe, effective advantage.

Chiropractic Care Suits Even the Smallest Spines

You may wonder why a little baby would have any need for chiropractic care--but spinal abnormalities may occur right from birth, since the passage through the birth canal can shift vertebrae out of alignment. These deviations need to be detected and corrected as early as possible. Fortunately, the pediatric chiropractic techniques used by Dr. Carlow are so gentle and precise that even newborns can safely receive the spinal correction need to get a healthy start in life.

But that very first spinal screening and adjustment session shouldn’t be the only one. Babies and young children put their bodies through a great deal of wear and tear as their explore their world, crawling, walking, roughhousing and inevitably stumbling here and there. these everyday knocks may not cause obvious injury, but they can disturb your child’s musculoskeletal alignment nonetheless. Periodic wellness screenings allow your Gilbert chiropractor to catch and fix these little problems before they can impair your child’s health. In fact, pediatric chiropractic care can normalize nerve function to minimize childhood issues such as:

  • Bedwetting
  • Colic
  • Ear infections
  • Frequent colds
  • Asthma and allergies
  • ADHD

Our Gilbert Chiropractor Can Help Your Kids Thrive

As your kids get older and enter school, their spines confront new challenges, from lugging heavy backpacks around to engaging in high-impact team sports. Our Gilbert chiropractor can advise your family on safe backpack habits and other smart lifestyle tips to prevent aches and pains, as well as treating sports injuries and other mishaps. Ongoing screenings can also reveal early-stage scoliosis, a condition that may first appear around puberty. If we see signs of scoliosis, we can monitor the condition carefully and let you know whether any kind of corrective treatment is necessary or advisable.

Give Your Children the Benefits of Pediatric Chiropractic Care, Call Today!

If you want to make sure your children experience the highest possible levels of health, wellness and comfort during their formative growing years, it’s time to introduce them to our Gilbert chiropractor. We can make they feel perfectly at home at our clinic, picking up a lifetime’s worth of good health and wellness practices along the way. Call Islands Chiropractic & Massage at (480) 545-4580 to learn more about pediatric chiropractic care and set up an initial spinal screening!

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