When you have pain that will not go away or want to improve flexibility, chiropractic care can help. Islands Chiropractic & Massage offers this type of care for a wide range of conditions, including spinal problems, headaches and neck pain. Our Gilbert chiropractor, Dr. Daniel Carlow, provides high-quality, effective treatment for patients in Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa and the surrounding areas. These are some of the treatments we offer.

Chiropractic Adjustments

These are among the most common forms of chiropractic care for those with back pain, neck pain and other conditions. Chiropractic adjustments, also known as spinal adjustments, involve making sure that spinal discs are properly aligned. When these discs are not aligned due to a herniated disc, bulging disc or other spinal disc problem, pain and discomfort can result. Chiropractic adjustments offer the following benefits:

  • Promotes healing: When spinal discs are aligned, nutrients and oxygen are able to reach damaged areas and help them heal faster.
  • Noninvasive: Spinal adjustments involve moving or adjusting the spine without having to perform a surgical procedure. This noninvasive treatment method is not associated with the risks that surgical procedures have, such as infection or bleeding.
  • Minimal side effects: Chiropractic adjustments have little to no side effects. Some people might have mild discomfort after their adjustments, but this goes away quickly.

Complementary Treatments

The following treatments offered at our Gilbert chiropractic office are meant to enhance the effects of chiropractic adjustments. Dr. Carlow might recommend one or more of these treatments, along with spinal adjustments, depending on the underlying cause of pain and other symptoms. Our complementary treatment methods include:

  • Exercise and stretching: Doing stretches and other exercises that are designed to provide your spine with more stability can provide even more effective treatment when combined with spinal adjustments. We can help with sports injuries too!
  • Decompression therapy: This involves the use of a computer-controlled table that stretches your spine to ease pressure on damaged discs. This type of treatment uses gentle movements during stretching.
  • Massage therapy: Massage therapy can relieve muscle tightness or muscle spasms that can interfere with joint movement. Having a massage done before spinal adjustments can help your muscles become more relaxed, leading to more effective chiropractic treatment.
  • Deep tissue therapy: This is a deep massage that can help break up scar tissue to reduce muscle spasms or tightness. This type of treatment can promote faster healing, especially when it is combined with spinal adjustments.
  • Electric stimulation: This involves administering mild electrical impulses through pads on the affected parts of your body. This can relieve pain and promote relaxation and healing, especially when it is used with ice or heat.

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