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back painEach year, our back pain chiropractor in Gilbert provides treatment for a large number of patients with back pain. Back pain is one of the main reasons go to the doctor, miss work, or avoid engaging in a favorite activity. Fortunately, our chiropractor in Gilbert treats back pain with effective, noninvasive chiropractic techniques--no surgery or dangerous painkillers needed!

There are three main types of back pain: upper, middle and lower back pain. Doctors use the phrase “thoracic pain” to describe discomfort involving the upper and middle back, where your ribs attach to your spinal column. They use the phrase “lumbar pain” to describe discomfort in your lower back, below your rib cage.

Chiropractic Describes The Structures Of Your Back That Help You Move

A complex interaction between the bones of your spine, known as vertebrae, muscles and nerves helps you bend, twist, turn, and move your torso. Nerves run from your spinal cord through tiny holes in the vertebrae to establish a line of communication between your brain and the rest of your body. Rubbery discs cushion the bones of your spine so that your vertebrae do not grind against each other as you move.

Back pain is often the result of a problem in these structures of your back or the way they interact. Our back pain chiropractor provides treatments that can resolve the problems and alleviate your backache.

Many structural and functional problems can cause back pain. An active lifestyle can cause muscle strain, for example. Being a “weekend warrior” puts you at special risk for muscle strain. Misaligned vertebrae can also strain muscles to cause back pain.

Poor posture stresses the muscles in your upper back, as the muscles work too hard to counteract the pull of gravity on your head as you slump forward.

Poor ergonomics at your job or during your favorite hobby can cause a backache. Ergonomics is the process of arranging or designing a workspace to fit your physiology. Poor ergonomics can stress the muscles in your back and overstretch the ligaments.

The discs that cushion your vertebrae can bulge beyond their normal boundaries. If the bulging disc presses against a nerve, the nerve will send a pain signal to your brain. The rubbery outer shell of the disc can rupture to allow the gel-like substance inside to ooze out and press against a nerve to cause pain.

Treatments Provided By Our Chiropractor for Back Pain

Our chiropractor for back pain in Gilbert offers a number of services to alleviate backaches. Chiropractic adjustments realign your vertebrae, for example. Spinal decompression reduces the pressure that can cause discs to bulge or rupture. Massage therapy soothes muscle spasms and promotes healing in muscle strain. Sports injury care may include chiropractic adjustments, exercise therapy, deep tissue therapy, massage therapy and electric stimulation.

Chiropractic care is a safe, effective approach to managing back pain without risky surgery or dangerous pills. Many patients require repeated sessions. Our chiropractor may recommend one or more of these treatments to relieve your back pain.

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