Chiropractic Testimonials

"Dr. Dan is the best chiropractor that I have visited by far! I live in Virginia and do not pass up the chance to see him for treatment when I am in town. I have received chiropractic care before but it was never as thorough with the lasting effects I receive from Dr. Dan’s treatment.

My neck and upper back pain has decreased significantly. The stretches he showed me have improved my everyday mobility and overall well being.

Thanks Dr. Dan, you’re the best!"

- Susan W.

"I was in a car accident. I could barely walk, couldn’t sleep or work, and had difficulty completing the most basic tasks. After being treated by Dr. Carlow, all of that changed. I was perfectly comfortable, and confident in the treatment I received. Every time I left the office, I felt like a new person. Thank you very much Dr. Carlow."

- Phil B.

"For many years, I have utilized chiropractic care as part of my healthcare routine. As a pediatric physical therapist, I spend most of my day bending over and lifting my young clients. I realize the importance of good posture and body mechanics in maintaining optimal function and a body free of aches and pains. Regular chiropractic check-ups have helped me keep my spine in proper alignment to avoid secondary ailments and improve my posture.

From personal and professional experience, I have found Dr. Dan’s holistic philosophy of addressing nutrition, soft tissue (eg. muscles) and the joints together promote optimal healing and preventative care of the body. Experience has revealed it is a lot easier to prevent a problem then try to fix it. I would highly recommend regular chiropractic check-ups to prevent potential problems that may arise from spinal mal-alignment and joint dysfunction."

- Anna B.

"I had never thought about receiving chiropractic help since I didn’t know anything about what they did, and then that was twisted. But in my early 40’s, maybe even 30’s, I finally was carried into a chiropractor’s office by my husband. I had been in bed for almost 3 weeks with pain and inability to straighten up.

After one adjustment, I walked out of that office tall and straight. It was like a miracle for me and a complete change of thinking and appreciation for this profession. I get regular treatments because of added trauma from car accidents, which help me keep functioning."

- Mary C.

"When I first came to Dr. Carlow, I was in a great deal of pain and discomfort. I was a bit hesitant to see a chiropractor because of a bad experience in the past. The pain in my neck, shoulders and back became so severe I decided to give chiropractic one more chance.

I was impressed with Dr. Carlow from the very first visit. He took the time to talk with me and evaluate my current situation and explained what his treatments would accomplish. After the first two visits, I noticed immediate relief from extreme pain and a greater range of motion in my back and shoulders. After about five visits, pain was non-existent.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Carlow to anyone who would like to alleviate back pain. His professionalism and attention to the smallest of details had put me at ease from the very first visit. I am able to enjoy life again without pain thanks to Dr. Carlow!!

A very satisfied customer."

- John C.

"I came to see Dr. Carlow for relief from pain caused by running and I am so happy with what he has done for me. He not only remedied the pain so that I was able to resume running the very next day, he also suggested a range of motion test and produced stretching exercises that are keeping me loose and pain-free. I am not only running 5 times a week in preparation for a marathon, I actually took 1st place in my age group in a recent half- marathon with a personal record time. With my stretching exercises, chiropractic visits and massages, I hope to be in good running form for many years."

- Sue C.

"This is my story (and I hope it’s not too boring)...

While vacationing in Nebraska in September '08, I decided while at my nephew's to try out the new compound hunting bow he’d just gotten and was going to use in the upcoming deer season. I pulled on the bow maybe 6 or 7 times, it had a really heavy pull on the string but I managed it and didn’t think anything about it. Two days passed and then it happened--my neck began to stiffen and my shoulder started to hurt badly. I thought, "I know what this is–-I just pulled a muscle the other day when I was messing around with Bret’s compound bow; give it a day or two and I’ll be back in fine shape, no problem." But after 7 or 8 weeks (yes weeks), I was very stubborn, and who knows how many bottles of Advil I'd gone through, the pain hadn’t gotten even a little bit better. I finally conceded I had to get something done about this stiff neck and back and shoulder pain, a pain that had given me nonstop relief and countless nights of restless sleep.

I came into Dr. Carlow’s on the consistent recommendation from my wife. I told him what had happened and he was very attentive to all the problems I was explaining to him. After a short question and answer session I had some x-rays taken and was then taken to the adjusting room. Dr. Carlow was not doing a random "process of elimination--let’s adjust this and see if the pain goes away adjustment." He knew precisely the areas he needed to adjust and did it with a very skilled and practiced nature. There was no pain during the adjustment and I could feel relief immediately even before the procedure was completed.

After a couple of weeks of returning for follow-up adjustments, the pain had completely stopped and I decided I was "cured" and didn’t need any further treatments even though I was advised to continue treatment even after the pain goes away. After all Christmas was coming up soon and the toll of driving myself all the way across town (I live in Goodyear) was beginning to eat away at my free time and my wallet. Christmas passed and I was doing great, almost no pain at all or so little I hardly noticed and I ignored it and went on with life the way it was. Fast forward to late February, again I go on vacation. And AGAIN my neck and shoulder start acting up, again and I decide I have to go back to the chiropractor again. Don’t even ask me what I did this time to aggravate it because I’ve no idea unless it was hauling the luggage up to the motel room or something. So in my infinite wisdom (stop laughing), I decided when I get back to Phoenix I would try someone closer in Goodyear where I live, and that I would no longer have to face the long drive to Gilbert each week. Bad decision--the new "choice" of doctors was not a good one. After two adjustments (which were brutally rough, painful, and useless) I wasn’t getting any relief whatsoever. And it was then I knew that the long drive across town was definitely worth it. I immediately stopped going to the new doctor and returned to Dr. Carlow’s care, and again after the first return visit got immediate relief from the pain.

I would recommend Dr. Carlow to anyone seeking pain relief, and I do recommend him to all of my friends. Accurate, precise adjustments and a good listening ear to get detailed information from the patient on wherever the pain is coming from. He does not practice “the process of elimination” type of chiropractic that the other doctor was practicing on me. Kudos to Dr. Carlow. Thanks for relieving all of the nagging stiffness and soreness in my neck and back. And the patience to perform a job well done!"

- B. Cook

"I was initially skeptical about receiving chiropractic care. However, after I was involved in a car accident, I sought rehabilitation with Dr. Carlow. His treatment and care has genuinely changed my opinion. Dr. Carlow helped me heal to the point where I could resume all my normal daily activities. Even recently, Dr. Carlow addressed a baseball injury that I sustained after receiving only a few sessions. I am back on the field with my son."

- Ty D.

"The neuromuscular re-education has helped me go from daily pain and ibuprofen pills, to almost no pain at all in a very small number of treatments."

- Wally E.

"Initially I started to come to Dr. Carlow because my neck seemed to be going out of joint. It’s like it was always slipping out of place. And it hurt!

He got me aligned. Not just my neck, but my whole frame. I had gotten into some really bad posture over the years. I didn’t stand up straight. Actually, at the time when I first came in I felt like I couldn’t stand totally straight up. My spine hurt, I leaned to one side slightly when I looked in the mirror. Sounds silly, but at the time, I used to think that maybe crawling around on all fours would have felt better. Anyway, after months of stretches and strengthening exercises that Dr. Carlow had me do, I improved immensely. I began in June 2008 with him, and by the end of Sept. 2008, the adjustments, stretches, and exercises really paid off. I feel and move like a new person!

This is the first time I’ve stayed on a regimen for this long. I used to go to chiropractors once in a while. But to have lasting improvement, where your body stays that way, it’s almost like you have to retrain your body. And that takes a little bit of time. My body doesn’t go out of alignment as easily now. I come in about twice a month to maintain it. I also get therapy massages twice a month also.

I do tell my friends about my experiences here with Dr. Carlow. You don’t have to accept the aches and pains that gather over the years. You can be renewed and move freely once again.

I’m Proof!"

- Kris F.

"After several sessions of neuromuscular re-education, I have experienced a dramatic improvement. I am holding adjustments for weeks, something I never did during 23 years of chiropractic care. My back is pain-free and flexible. I recommend these treatments."

- Karen F.

"Hi, I’m Beth, and I have been seeing Dr. Carlow since 3-2-07. I had an appointment with Dr. Carlow followed by a therapist, once a week. Since I began seeing Dr. Carlow, there has been a big improvement in my posture. And once I began to do the exercises and stretches that he recommended, my posture improved rapidly. I had an adjustment and therapy once a week. I always left the office relaxed and with a smile on my face. I have enjoyed getting to know Diana and the therapists as well as Dr. Carlow. I am grateful that I found Islands Chiropractic."

- Beth F.

"What was your problem? I was having problems with my lower back, It was sore probably 85% of the time.

How did chiropractic help? Dr. Carlow helped me. Now I have little or no back pain. That’s great!

What changes have you noticed in your health overall? The changes I have noticed is that now when I run, I run a lot smoother and I don’t feel that back pain.

How has your opinion changed? I never really had an opinion (of chiropractic). I heard good things about chiropractic but never tried it. My friend came in one day, she told me about it and I tried it and I liked it!

Would you recommend chiropractic to someone else? I would recommend Islands Chiropractic to everyone. The staff is very friendly. It’s a good place to get healthy."

- Darrick J.

"I came to Dr. Carlow with lower back pain. I was a little hesitant about going to a chiropractor, but I had some friends that told me they were great. Well, I am very happy I did. Dr. Carlow has helped me so much that I feel great now! He put me on a stretching program, massage therapy and visits to him twice a month. I feel like I have more energy and my back no longer hurts! I’ll recommend my friends and family to go to him from now on. I am very thankful to him and his staff!"

- Lucy M.

"Since having Dr. Carlow work on my neck, shoulder, and upper back, I have noticed a significant change. My neck and shoulder muscles are less tight; I don’t feel like my shoulders are pulled forward by the tight muscles, and I have had less adjustments in my neck and upper back. I am actually seeing "light at the end of the tunnel." With each therapy, less and less muscles have to be "re-educated." The muscles are starting to operate the way God intended them to. Thank you so much for sharing this incredible technique. I look forward to being "knot" free some day."

- Debby N.

"My first visit to Dr. Carlow was immediately after an injury when I literally needed help getting out of the car to walk in his office. After the adjustment, there was a huge improvement. In the prior couple of years, I experienced similar injuries on two occasions. Those times I had to stay off my feet for a few days each time. I was obviously quite happy with the immediate improvement from my first visit with Dr. Carlow. Since my initial emergency visit over two years ago, I’m pleased to report that regular chiropractic visits have in fact, improved my overall health. As an example, I no longer require prescription medication to relieve allergy symptoms. Allergies that have bothered me, especially hay fever for over 30 years, have all but disappeared."

- Gene P.

"When I started visiting Dr. Carlow, I would wake up in the morning with terrible back pain. Now, with the help of Dr. Carlow, I wake up pain-free! My mobility has increased and my energy level is higher than it has been in years. Now I can see myself enjoying the next half of my life doing all the things I love."

- Tina P.

"I’ve been treated by Dr. Carlow for the past 5 years. His methods and demeanor has given me a lift in spirit and a new physical well-being. With each visit he is gentle and professional which is an asset to getting adjusted. I do recommend him to friends and strangers as well.

You go Dr. Dan!"

- John P.

"Prior to coming to Islands Chiropractic I was a total skeptic about achieving any results! Well, I am now a total believer of the possibilities one can experience from Chiropractic care. I was having headaches twice a week lasting 3-4 days. Now, after 4 weeks of care I have had only 1 headache! My Chiropractic journey will continue as I move forward with feeling better and better.

Thank you Dr. Carlow!"

- Wendy R.

"After working at a computer the past 13 years and heavy traveling the last four years, I would wake up with a stiff back and sore neck. I also had a pain in my shoulder from a roller skating accident a few years ago. After two weeks of treatments with Dr. Carlow and a massage therapist, I started feeling much better. After a month of treatment, I no longer wake up stiff and sore, and feel rested and energized in the morning. I would highly recommend Islands Chiropractic to anyone that is having back or neck pains."

- Bryan R.

"One morning I was involved in a car accident on my way to work. I was driving around trying to find a chiropractor and luckily I stumbled into Dr. Carlow’s office!! Diana was there to greet me with her smiling face as she always does. Even though it was a Tuesday, they saw me!! I was very thankful!!

Because I was able to get into Dr. C’s office almost immediately after the accident the injuries that I sustained weren’t as bad as they could have been!! I was only having pain for a couple of months instead of a couple of years.

I think that this office is very different from others because you are treated like you are part of their family instead of a patient. They have always gone out of their way to make sure that I was taken care of!!

They are very knowledgeable in dealing with auto insurance companies, which is very important when you are in this situation. They provided all of the documentation that I needed and Dr. C went out of his way to add explanations to refute excuses that insurance companies try to come up with so they don’t have to pay your claim.

Even though my claim has been settled now, I will still continue to visit Dr. C so that I can maintain better overall health due to every day stresses from work and living!!

Much Thanks!!"

- Kim S.

"It was towards the end of 2005 when I had my accident of falling down the stairs in my new home here in Gilbert, Arizona. Having previous experience with a chiropractor while living out in California after a car accident, I had chosen to seek out Dr. Carlow of Islands Chiropractic. I was in pain and although the symptoms of re-injury to my left shoulder and neck area seemed to me to be the case, it was Dr. Carlow who had pointed out that it was actually the right side that had sustained the trauma and not the left.

After a diagnostic x-ray to make sure that nothing was broken or out of placement, Dr. Carlow had performed a few simple strength exercises and shoulder alignment observations. My right shoulder dropped slightly, my strength in my right hand wasn’t as prominent as the left, and he said it looked as though my right arm didn’t have the same range of motion. Although I complained of the left shoulder and neck pain, I was convinced that I had sustained re-injury to the left; the good doctor patiently explained how my left shoulder and neck muscles were overcompensating for the right. This was causing a referred pain to the left, while the injury was actually to the right. Being in the dental field I understood the concept of referred pain. So I asked him what the course of treatment would be.

The first course of treatment in my case was to have two adjustments per week at first to realign the muscles that were in spasm on the left and realign the muscle and tendons on the right. This took a few months to correct. (You have to remember that I had sustained an injury and recover time for muscle tissue is no different than a broken bone.) After the major adjustments Dr. Carlow suggested to have regular physical therapy with his massage therapist after his adjusting to help loosen and work the muscles so that they regain the muscle memory and position that was needed.

There were many of times I had questioned if I had taken the right course of action in treating this injury. It seemed to be taking a long time to recover from a simple fall down the stairs where I didn’t think I really hurt myself. The answer in truth was I had taken a serious fall, I had sustained injury and although I thought I was fine my inability to raise my arm, the pain that accompanied it in doing so was obvious.

I am so glad that I had chosen to go to Dr. Carlow who was patient enough to deal with my need and want to get back into a healthy active lifestyle. He had proven to me that his treatment suggestions of regular adjustments and physical massage therapy were the correct course for my injury and me. My suggestion to any and all who question if chiropractic treatment really does work and is worth it is this...Patience is the key, keep regular with the visits and observe the results from what was to what is now. It really does work when given the opportunity. There are no quick fixes in which we all seem to want. Instead it is a time management system that the body uses to heal itself."

- Sally S.


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