Laser Treatment Testimonials

Lazered lower back on the left side which had been aching for a few days. Immediately after treatment, the ache was gone. No aching for days.

Lazered left hip which bothers me because I have bursitis in it. The pain was gone after treatment.

My hip is still pain-free so didn't have anything done today.

Had the left hip done again today and once again the pain left. Am able to walk without the cane around the house.

Had no pain in my left hip all weekend."

- Barb

A few minutes after treatment his head felt warm inside and it lasted several hours. Went to sleep that night quickly and slept well. Not the norm.

Same warm feeling inside his head. Slept well again and felt his anxiety was a little less.

Dale said he felt something in his stomach while it was being lasered.

Less anxiety and slept well again Thursday night.

Didn’t sleep well Sat. night but did sleep Sun. night."

- Dale

"Dear Dr. Carlow,

I am forever grateful for an opportunity to explore this Lazer Chiro care! I had a procedure (3x) each time in different areas.

The first time, I had a dull headache to begin with. I did sleep somewhat better that night! Friday I felt the most change in relaxation/sleep to dream. I actually could remember what I dreamt upon waking! I do massage therapy every three weeks with Linda B (It helps with circulation and muscle tension). I believe Chiro care enhances the healing process because after all I am on a healing journey…

FYI I am on VA Disability PTSD and have some respiratory/ lung/ migraine/ thyroid issues. I am feeling better than last year on many levels



- Laura

"TO:  Islands Chiropractic

Daniel J Carlow

Subject: Lazer Treatment

After two treatments both knees improved aprox 20%, both hips and spine improved 30%. The pain is not as severe, but appears to spread out over a large area.

Would recommend the use of this treatment to anyone with pain in joints. If available I will resume additional treatments.

Permission given to use these statements where needed."

- Charles B. 


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