Meet Dr. Carlow

Dr. Carlow

Dr. Daniel Carlow, DC

Dr. Daniel Carlow chose to be a chiropractor because he loved the idea of being able to help people using a natural approach without drugs or surgery. His chiropractic journey actually began when, suffering with back spasms, a friend recommended chiropractic. He was hesitant at first thinking "How can cracking your back do anything to help." He finally made an appointment and was amazed at how quickly he improved. It was explained that chiropractic adjustments help to realign the spine taking pressure off the joints, muscles and nerves. This helps the body function better and heal faster. This made perfect sense and with the results he received he wanted to help others with this healing method.

Chiropractors are trained to find misalignments of the spine and extremities. They then use different methods to help realign those areas restoring normal movement to the joints and body.  Different modalities, massage, exercises and stretches are used to help the body stay in proper alignment and strengthen it. This all helps the body function better and improves health. 

Dr. Daniel Carlow says “I always knew taking medicine to reduce pain was only covering the symptoms of a larger problem. I wanted to know WHY I had the problem and LEARN what I could do to fix it.” Chiropractic gave him that answer. He attended Palmer Chiropractic College and after completing a four year degree graduated in 1993. He was licensed as a Doctor of Chiropractic that same year and has been helping people ever since.

Today, Dr. Daniel Carlow is the owner of Islands Chiropractic & Massage and has enjoyed helping people over the last 30+ years through chiropractic, massage and physical medicine. He loves getting people get out of pain fast and teaching them how to keep themselves healthy.

Dr. Daniel Carlow is married to his beautiful wife, Anne and has 5 children. He keeps active with his family by biking, hiking and playing a variety of sports. He has lived in Gilbert, AZ since 1994 and loves the small town feel and wonderful people.

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